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Qualities Leaders Possess and How To Become a Better Leader

There are many qualities that effective leaders possess, and some of the mostimportant ones include:

8 Benefits of Being a Nice Person

Growing up, we are taught to be “nice”. Turns out that being a nice person is not only beneficial to others but to ourselves as well. A recent study was conducted with over 1.9 million participants, the results of the study indicate that being “nice” or as we in the field of psychology “agreeable” has

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! Time to set some goals and come up with some new year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. It is common in my practice to assist patients in setting goals for themselves. It can be a very helpful tool for making positive changes in your life and improving in areas

Most Impactful Lessons People Have Learned From Their Therapist

I am very aware that making the decision to seek therapy services can be a difficult one for a variety of reasons. It takes courage to admit that you may need some outside support and it is brave to actually make the phone call to a therapist to schedule an appointment. I came across this

Preventing Loneliness While Working From Home

Since many of us are working from home these days, it is important that we maintain some social interaction because human beings are social beings. Many people are not getting enough social interaction since working from home, so you may need to make more of an effort to socialize with others. The article below offers

Mental Resiliency

Resiliency is defined as “the ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, and/or major life changes (according to Webster’s Dictionary).  Mental resiliency has been studied for decades and the research has indicated that some people are more mentally resilient than others. The article below not only describes more about

Multiple Suicides in Collegiate Student-Athletes

It saddens me deeply to hear of several recent suicides of collegiate athletes.  There is a great deal of pressure put on collegiate student-athletes and often times there is not enough support provided to them to assist them in dealing with this pressure.  In a recent conversation with a colleague who is employed at a

My Views on Leadership

In my recent attendance at the EOS(Entrepreneur Operating System) Conference, there were many discussions about leadership. What qualities do good leaders have and what are important things to keep in mind to help you to be a good leader. Here are some of the things that I learned: The 5 Qualities of a Successful Leader: Strategic thinker

What to Know About Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth therapy became the norm during the pandemic and has really changed the field of psychology. Now most therapists offer telehealth, and it has been shown to be effective. Just like with face-to-face therapy, your confidentiality and privacy should be maintained. Telehealth can make this a little more challenging, but it is important to make

5 Ways to Be Happy When You Are Hurting

We all experience emotional pain at one time or another. There is a definite distinction and outcome between dealing with our pain in a healthy versus unhealthy way. Often times, people turn to unhealthy ways of coping with pain such as substance use, overeating, isolating themselves, etc. It is really important that we learn healthy


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