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Tiger Woods on Winning the 2019 Masters

“How did he do it?” is the question that everybody is asking in regard to Tiger Woods winning the 2019 Masters.  The reason why everyone is asking that question is because Tiger has had so many setbacks in the last several years. Several setbacks including a number of surgeries and losses in major tournaments that

Can Exercise Prevent Depression???

In many of my blog posts, I talk about the impact physical health can have on mental health and how getting regular exercise can help to better manage their mental health but can exercise prevent depression? Some recent studies suggest there is more evidence than ever before that physical activity does play an important, and

9 Practical Tips from A Therapist That You Can Use Everyday

It is very common for someone who has been working with a therapist to get nervous when ending their treatment with a therapist whatever the reason may be that the therapy is ending.  The author of this article compiled a list of 9 tips from his work with his therapist that he uses every day

Psychological Techniques to Help Make Exercising More Enjoyable

As I have discussed in many of my blog posts before and a message that I am consistently giving my clients is that exercise has positive effects on not only your physical health but your mental health as well.  Often when discussing this with my clients I will get resistance to the idea of exercising

5 Tips To Help Your Child Manage Their Back To School Mental Health Concerns

Going back to school can be an exciting time for some students and parents although it can also be a time that some students and parents do not look forward to because going back to school can be a trigger for an increase in mental health symptoms specifically anxiety and/or depression.  There are some things

6 Ways to Love Someone with Mental Illness

When someone you love suffers from mental illness, it is not only difficult for them, but it can also be difficult for the people who around them. You may not always understand what they are doing through and how they are feeling and your relationship with them may have changed. The good news is that

Are You Or Someone You Know Addicted To Their Phone???

There has been a lot of attention lately on people, specifically younger people, being “addicted” to their phones.  As a result of the media attention, Apple and Google have devised new apps to try and change addictive phone use.  The question is… will these new apps really work??? To learn more about these new apps,

Mental Health Awareness Month and Suicide Rates

For those of you who do not know, May is “Mental Health Awareness Month” and has been since 1949.   Mental health is a big concern in this country for a variety of reasons and some recent statistics specifically regarding the suicide rate in this country are alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and

4 Subtle Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression can manifest themselves differently in different people and that may be why it is not always obvious that a person may be suffering from depression.  Depression can have both physical and psychological symptoms, so you need to be looking for both when assessing whether or a not you or a loved one

The Molecular Scars of Trauma

Many people would assume that if there been a previous generation in your family who has endured a serious trauma that the ramifications of the trauma end when their family member passes, but new research is suggesting otherwise.  This article suggests that the descendants of trauma survivors have a biological memory of the hardship their


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