Dr. Wagner is now accepting new referrals for individual therapy as well as Sport and Performance Psychology services and Business Coaching.

Dr. Wagner is also available for group presentations.


Individual therapy involves regularly scheduled sessions that are one-on-one.  Typically the sessions are weekly.  During the initial 1-4 sessions, Dr. Wagner conducts an assessment to determine the specific area of treatment needed.  It is also at this time that you and the therapist will collaboratively decide upon treatment goals as well as how to reach those goals.  Therapy can be short-term or long-term depending on your needs.

Dr. Wagner works with adolescents and adults (ages 10-64).  She specializes in working with adolescents and young adults using her unique approach in relating to them and quickly building a strong therapeutic bond with them.  She is able to view the individual’s concerns from their perspective and relate to them and the issues that they are faced with at their particular stage of development without being critical or judgmental.  Dr. Wagner has professional interests working with the following presenting issues:

•   Depression

•   Anxiety

•   Relational Problems

•   Job/Career Issues

•   Self-Acceptance

•   Stress Management

•   Anger Management

•   Separation/Divorce

•   Personal Growth

•   Identity Development

•   Life Transition Issues

•   Grief and Loss

•   Adolescent Issues

•   School Issues

•   Social Anxiety

•   Substance Use

Business Coaching

Business or Executive Coaching is an applied form of sport and performance psychology. Business coaching can help an individual to perform at their peak in a variety of ways.

Dr. Wagner is available to work with individuals or in a group setting

Please refer to the Business Coaching page for more information

Sport Psychology and Performance Psychology

Regardless if you are a competitive school, collegiate or professional athlete, sport psychology (or performance psychology) can assist you in enhancing your performance on a consistent basis.  Performance psychology is not only helpful for athletes, but similar techniques can be applied to performance in many other areas including academics, music, worked related, etc. Sport psychology and performance psychology sessions are similar to individual therapy in that they are typically one-on-one and occur weekly.  Dr. Wagner conducts an initial assessment to identify problems areas and to develop a unique treatment plan that is tailored specifically to the individual.  Dr. Wagner works with adolescents and adults ages (10-64) on issues that may be impacting an individual’s performance and can help with:

•   Decreasing Performance Anxiety

•   Recovering from Injury

•   Increasing Focus/Concentration

•   Learning to Control Emotions

•   Assistance with Pre-competition Readiness

•   Increasing of Self-Confidence

•   Increasing Motivation

•   Increasing Stress Management Skills

•   Recovering from Failure

•   Coping with Distractions

Dr. Wagner can also address other issues that may have a negative impact on an individual’s performance such as:

•   Depression

•   Anxiety

•   Family/Relational Issues

*Please refer to the “Sport Psychology” page for more information.

Dr. Wagner can present to a large or small group of individuals on a variety of topics such as Mental Skills to Enhance Performance (both athletics and job performance) or other topics.

Please contact Dr. Wagner to discuss your specific needs for a presentation and Dr. Wagner can individualize her presentation to address your specific audience.

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