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Aren’t the Olympics amazing to watch?!?  Over this past month, we have witnessed the world’s greatest athletes compete in Rio in the 2016 Olympics.  Just to think about how much time, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice goes into training to compete in the Olympics and to have it all be over in a few short weeks.


There were many highlights throughout the Olympics.  Some of my favorites were watching Michael Phelps win his 23rd gold medal after the struggles he endured the past few years.  I love a good comeback story and I think this goes to show you that no matter how far you may feel you are away from meeting your goals, you can always come back to be the best that you can be.  I also enjoyed watching the women’s gymnastics team compete.  The women performed so well throughout the Olympics and it was exciting to watch them at every event.  Another favorite for me to watch was the women’s beach volleyball.  Even though they did not win the gold medal, Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross are fierce competitors and I enjoyed watching every play.


All of the athletes should feel proud of themselves, whether they won a medal or not, because if you are competing at the Olympics, then you are one of the best in the world for your chosen sport.


What was your favorite moment from the Olympics and why?

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