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What a Superbowl this was!  It appeared as though it was going to be a blow out by the Atlanta Falcons, but the Patriots managed to score 25 points in the second half and to go on a win the game in overtime.  It was the first time in Superbowl history that the game went into overtime.  The Patriots had the ball first in overtime and marched down the field to go 75-yards and score a touchdown to end the game.

Even if you are not a fan of Tom Brady, you have to give him credit for his performance in this game. His tenacity and resilience led him to become the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to win five Superbowls.  When watching the game, there were many times that Brady showed his frustrations with the way that his team was playing and he could have very easily gotten defeated and lost that game. Instead, he overcame his frustrations, was effectively able to manage his negative emotions, and went on to perform at his peak and win the game.  Tom Brady is not the type of athlete who was just going to give up and let the Falcons win and the Patriots were going to put up a fight which is exactly what they did in the fourth quarter and in overtime.

If you would like to learn ways in which you can perform better under pressure, please refer to a blog post that I wrote back in November 2016.

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