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I am almost certain that everyone reading this blog has experienced being anxious at one point or another.  And that’s ok!  A lot of us, though, want to be able to control or diminish our feelings of anxiety.  So, here’s a few facts about anxiety that may make it seem a little less scary and more manageable:

  1. Anxiety is a physiological reaction that exists to protect us from danger and it is built into our nervous system. 
  2. We cannot control what distressing thoughts or when distressing thoughts enter our minds, although we do have control of what we do with those thoughts once they are in there. 
  3. We are often not aware of what is making us feel anxious and the brain can perceive danger when in fact there is none. 
  4. Trying to avoid what is causing us to feel anxious can actually make us feel worse. 
  5. Anxiety is something that we can effectively manage with the right tools and coping skills.

So, the next time you are feeling anxious, try to remember these facts and that you can alleviate your anxiety by adopting effective coping strategies.  Please refer to my previous blog entries for effective ways to manage your anxiety for whatever or whomever the source of your anxiety may be…

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