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7 Signs That Your Body Is Telling You That Your Mental Health Is In Jeopardy

Often times I will work with someone who is reporting physical symptoms to me that they believe are related to a physical cause, for example, headaches, inability to focus or concentrate, pain in various areas of their body, just to name a few.  What people do not realize is that there is a strong connection

College Athletes and Their Access To Mental Health

My last blog post featured and article on college students and the rising number of college students who are suffering from mental illness.  With this blog post, I am focusing more on a specific population of college students which are college student athletes.  According to this article, NCAA athletes have long been supported both physically

Why Are More Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Anxiety???

According to this article, anxiety has overtaken depression as the number one reason that college students seek counseling services.  In 2016, 62% of undergraduate students stated that they feel a sense of “overwhelming anxiety.”  Although researchers are not entirely sure what is causing this increase in anxiety among teenagers, this article makes a few suggestions

How Kids’ Sports Became a $15 Billion Industry | TIME MAGAZINE article

I remember when I was growing up I started playing one sport recreationally when I was 4 years-old. Once a week for two and a half months we would have a friendly game against another team and I remember it being really fun.  For me, sports became more competitive around middle school when I was

The Boys of 1936

This documentary was inspired by Daniel James Brown’s critically acclaimed nonfiction book The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, The Boys of ’36.  It is the thrilling story of the American Olympic rowing team that triumphed against all odds in Nazi Germany.   In the summer

Emotional Success

I’m sure that you have all heard of financial success, but have you ever thought of emotional success?  Some people believe that if they are financially successful then they will be emotionally successful or happy, but it turns out that is not the case. Please read the article below to learn more about what an

Exercise Researchers Find “More Is Better” Mindset Is Overrated

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health.  I will often encourage my clients to get regular exercise and educate them on the ways in which exercise can improve their mental health and sometimes I am met with resistance.  I have heard various reasons that

13 Reasons Why…

The new television series on Netflix, “13 Reasons Why” was brought to my attention by a middle school student and I soon came to find out that lots of people were talking about it which means that this television show is having an impact on a lot of people’s lives.  I decided to watch it

Understanding Our Dreams

People often ask me to interpret their dreams because sometimes a dream can have a deeper meaning and is a way to express our subconscious fears, worries, thoughts and feelings.  There are a few different theories on how to interpret dreams and there are many different books available to read that can help you to

This is How to Love Someone with Anxiety

When it comes to mental illness, the person who has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder is not the only one who is affected by that diagnosis.  It is important to consider that the loved ones or those closest to the person with the mental diagnosis are also significantly impacted in a variety of


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