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How To Perform Better Under Pressure

Did you happen to see last week’s Sunday night football game with the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals?  Well, if not, there is no need to watch the entire game because it was not very exciting but the part that I did find to be exciting to watch was the over time.  At the

3 Simple Questions to Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are such a significant part of our daily lives whether it is a romantic relationship, a business relationship, a friendship, or any other type of relationship.  Relationships can be challenging and difficult at times but there are many, simple ways, to significantly improve our most important relationships.   Read this article to ask yourself

2016 Olympics

Aren’t the Olympics amazing to watch?!?  Over this past month, we have witnessed the world’s greatest athletes compete in Rio in the 2016 Olympics.  Just to think about how much time, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice goes into training to compete in the Olympics and to have it all be over in a few short

What To Do if Your Loved One is a Crime Victim

The recent events in Orlando have left many of us feeling very sad.  Unfortunately we all know someone who has been the victim of a a crime.  Finding out that a loved one has been a victim of a crime is very distressing and we may now know what to do during that time.  This

Commencement Speeches and Words of Wisdom

It’s that time of year when many people are graduating. Whether it is from high school, college, or graduate school, graduations mark a new beginning and a new chapter in that persons’ life.  Graduation speakers typically offer words of wisdom for the graduates based off their own life experiences and things that they have learned

How is Your Relationship With Your SELF???

When I came across this article, it was the title of the article that first intrigued me. After reading the article, I took some time to reflect about the different areas of myself which are discussed in the article. In my sessions with clients, we spend a great deal of time talking about the relationships

How to Assess Your Strengths: 5 Tactics for Self-Growth

If I were to ask you, “What are your strengths?” would you be able to answer that question?  Many people would not be able to or it might take them a while to think of a few things.  It is important to know your strengths so you can build on them to help you perform

5 Facts About Anxiety

I am almost certain that everyone reading this blog has experienced being anxious at one point or another.  And that’s ok!  A lot of us, though, want to be able to control or diminish our feelings of anxiety.  So, here’s a few facts about anxiety that may make it seem a little less scary and

5 Things You Can Do To Mentally Prepare Yourself Before Your Performance

Set one or more goals for yourself for that practice, game, match, event, etc.  However, make sure that the goal/s is/are: Challenging but realistic.  The goal should not be so simple that you do not have a sense of accomplishment once the goal is achieved.  If you set a more challenging goal, it is more

9 Ways To Effectively Manage Stress

There is not one person in the world that does not experience any stress.  Everyone has things in their life which cause them stress, for example your job, relationships, family, etc.  Since we all experience stress, it is important to find ways to effectively manage it.  Below is a link to a great article which


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